Eric Lamb

July 27, 1978
Place of birth: 

Talking about a musician like flutist Eric Lamb is more difficult than one would imagine. "Enthusiasm" is one of the words that spring to mind, yet it is way not enough to describe Eric's love of music. Good music, that is - or good music-making. All this might be an explanation why there is no website "", but only "": he is addicted to good music-making and, of course, to the flute as his instrument. The great Michel Debost is probably responsible for Eric's relationship with his instrument, maybe the only one that seems natural in his hands, the only one that is a natural extension of his body. The Conservatory of the Oberlin College is his home, both emotionally and musically. He studied there in the 1990s, together with Emmanuel Pahud and the incomparable Claire Chase who now runs one of the most exciting ventures of the musical world, the "International Contemporary Ensemble" (ICE), of which Eric is a core member. As such he has worked with virtually everyone between John Adams and John Zorn, be their last name Balter, Gubaidulina, Neuwirth or Pintscher. They all admire his dedication, his instrumental skills and - last, but not least - his lovable personality.


Having "more Facebook friends than Jesus Christ", Eric Lamb is indeed one of the most adorable musicians on the planet, because he really cares. He cares about music, musicians, students and human beings: Even without ever having held a proper teaching "position" (when would he have had time for that in the last decade?), he is genuinely interested in the musical development of the next generation. Eric loves music, and his iPad (another paladino artist who shares our love for Apple products!) is not only a toy, but mainly his tool of research, his radio and music stand. Eric grew up in Detroit, moved to Oberlin (OH) to study with Debost and later to Frankfurt. After returning to the US for a few years, we are more than happy that now he seems to have chosen Vienna as his new home - many more projects to come. Musicians like Eric Lamb are needed in Europe, in Vienna in particular. Him being a founding member of ensemble paladino makes us particularly proud. Ad multos annos!